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What is a Progressive Web App?


PWA's are the newest technology in mobile applications.

Since more than 80% of all Internet access is now done using smart phones or tablets, Stepping Out is offering our clients an all new user experience built into the most modern websites for the mobile focused future.



     • A PWA, unlike its native counterparts, does not require installation prior to usage.

     • does not require a download from iTunes or Google

     • does not consume valuable storage space on your device

     • will work in areas of low connectivity

     • are simply accessed through a web based URL


To access our PWA on your device simply enter in your device's browser and you will be automatically redirected to our PWA or scan the QR code below.

To setup your App Account and access Client Only features, click here.


Once you open the app, we suggest you place the link on your Home Screen and agree to accept Push Notifications on order to receive notifications of unadvertized specials. 

Remember, this PWA does not require valuable space on your device.